Friday, May 21, 2010

Someone who known as ISSUE

i don't know what was this feeling.
i don't even know this is love or just for an issue.
but listen to my heart beat.
he always being good in front of me before his ex come.
his ex have a boyfriend also.
but now we are working together in the same roof!
then suddenly, he and his rakan sebontot,
forgot me because of that girl.
i don't know why.
ex just ex.
it's up to you if want be good each other after the past relationship.
i also don't really care.
but is it a must left me behind?
ohh. i don't expect anything tho.
yea lo.
who are me?
who the hell is liana?
you just know her. so. no need to remember lah.
like that.
this is very fast.
after 3 days this girl came to this roof,
suddenly this blady got new girlfriend already.
at the first time, you treat me like i am your hmm can say girlfriend.
until 2 months wehh.
i'm state this because you like giving a hope to me.
but then, there is nothing actually.
just want to play around.
and laughing after you caught me by your cheap trick.
so pity of me kan?
and yet, you realized that i like you already,
then you don' want that thing happen, suddenly got girlfriend already.
like that la?
OMG, why am i so stupid.
this kind of shit pon ade ke?
simply trust all the hopes given by those lame malays~
[sorry, but this is truth. not all, but some of them.]
by the way,
i still thankful because i have my lesboos out there.
they care for me.
even tho this statement will make you all vomit,
but i really want to say this
heyy. please la. nak suruh ako jeles pun cari la perempuan yang lagy hot dari ako.
bole lagy la ako nak kate ko hebat.
ni tak. market pon on and off. suke hati la..

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