Sunday, March 21, 2010

The cutie tyDi at EUPHORIA, MOS

he's cute
he's cool
he's blast
he's adorable
he's stylish

the #1st dj in aussie #58th in th world and..

it's tyDi!!!!

OMG!! i and tsunade hime kissed him after he snap snap with us.
damn cute one!
hen ke ai!!

i'm shock that one girl, she's only 20.
but she's extremely TALL! tall till the door.
i am 173 cm and she is 183cm!
shoe size is 10 and me 9. but 9 oso very hard to find.
but she's hot. damn hot!
tall and beautiful.

and also, my favorite bartender ask for my phone number!
but i said, phone cannot, FB can lah!
he's cute.. geee ^^

btw tanx to tsunade hime [Lya].
i had sho much fun even tho Sareena Choonrat my lesboo is not with us.